Crystal Infused Handmade Soap - Made in the USA


    Crystal Infused Handmade Soaps

    This premium range of Crystal Infused Handmade Soaps can help to;

    • Fight insomnia and anxiety and also absorb negative energy.
    • Relieve skin issues while bringing positivity and tranquillity.
    • Cleanse the Auric field of negativity, detoxifies the body and tightens the pores.
    • Elevates the mind.
    • Bring deep and thorough cleansing of the mind and body.
    • Relieve stress and pain
    • Soothe skin inflammation including acne inflammation.
    • Restore the positive energy and gently remove dead skin cells and eliminate toxins from the body.

    Try it for yourself and see its wonders.

    8 products

    8 products