What is Dragon’s Blood Incense Used For?

The name sounds menacing but yet intriguing. Dragon’s blood – you can often see it on incense stick boxes and candles on healing product websites. So, what exactly is it and how do you use it? Let’s find out. 


What is Dragon’s Blood? 

Dragon’s blood is a type of red-colored resin named after the tree species that it is sourced from. This resin has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes by the Greeks and the Romans and there are historical records of it being used in the Middle East, India, and China as well. People used dragon’s blood resin to ease the symptoms of diarrhea and ulcers. Dragon’s blood powder supplements, ointments, and tinctures are available in the market but it advisable to use them on the advice of a doctor or a licensed naturopath. 

In ancient times, the resin used to be referred to as ‘cinnabar’. Because of its intense red color, the resin was used as a dye and a varnish. It was also favored as a natural paint for banners and posters for Chinese New Year. In its modern avatar, dragon’s blood is popularly used in incense, soaps, toothpaste, perfumes, candles, and in body oils. 


What Does Dragon’s Blood Incense Smell Like?

Dragon’s blood incense is an herbal blend of resin with spices, natural fragrance extracts, and herbs. The most popular aromatic compounds that it is blended with are cedarwood, clove, and patchouli oils. It has rich earthy and slightly sweet tones, which can help elevate your mood. The scent can also help repel insects, making it a useful incense stick to have on hand if you are meditating outdoors. A 2011 research study showed that dragon’s blood from the Dracaena cinnabari tree had potential antimicrobial properties and could offer protection from pathogens like fungi, bacteria, and viruses. 


How to Use Dragon’s Blood Incense?

Dragon’s blood incense has been used in many kinds of spiritual practices such as Shamanism and Hindu religious rituals.  

You can use dragon’s blood incense in the following ways: 

  • Meditation Incense: Its musty, deep fragrance makes it a wonderful accompaniment to your meditation practice. 
  • Relaxation: When you feel like unwinding after a long day, dim the lights, put on your favorite music, and light a dragon’s blood incense stick. 
  • Yoga: Try using in your yoga or meditation studios to create the perfect setting for a powerful practice. Make sure the space is properly ventilated so that the smoke does not gather but instead gives a pleasant lingering fragrance. 
  • Ritualistic ceremonies: It is the perfect incense to use for religious ceremonies or your sacred prayer ritual. 

Dragon’s blood is available in the form of incense sticks, cones, candles, and sage bundles. If you want to try using Dragon’s Blood, look out for our hand-rolled Dragon’s blood incense sticks, perfumed T-lite candles, and our eye-catching Dragon’s blood sage

Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only and should not be used as medical advice. 

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