The How-To Guide for Tibetan Singing Bowls

Have you enjoyed the healing benefits of a sound bath created by playing a magical, shiny singing bowl? People who have enjoyed a sound vibration healing session say they feel relaxed, happier, and refreshed, according to research. So, what are these magical bowls that allow us to relax by creating that distinctive peaceful sound? Let’s find out. 

What is a Tibetan Singing Bowl?

Tibetan singing bowls, or Himalayan singing bowls, are bowls made from an alloy of different metals used to produce sound when played with a mallet. Tibetan bowls are associated with Buddhist monks as part of their meditation and ritualistic practices. Singing bowls come in different shapes, sizes, and with different designs carved on them. 

Tibetan bowls are usually seen in many meditation practices, chakra balancing sessions, yoga studios, sound therapy sessions, sound baths in hospitals, wellness retreats, and so much more. Singing bowls have different tones and pitches, and these variations are used by therapists and healers for energy healing. For instance, a chakra balancing healer can correlate the different tones for the different energy centers or chakras in the body for energy healing. Many believe that the tunes and pitches can help influence our brainwave patterns and help aid relaxation.

How Do You Use Tibetan Singing Bowls?

Here is a simple step-by-step process on how to use Tibetan bowls for beginners.

  1. Place the Tibetan bowl on a cushion or a mat to keep it steady. You can also keep it in the palm of your non-dominant hand. 
  2. Strike the singing bowl with the mallet firmly but gently. Your bowl will already create sound vibrations.
  3. You can continue with a circular rimming action to create a beautiful, peaceful sound by immediately circling the rim of the bowl with the mallet. 
  4. Pace yourself and don’t go too quickly along the rim. It may take you some time to get into the rhythm but once you do, you will notice how the sound builds beautifully over time. 

Note: Sometimes, the sound of the singing bowl can be quite overwhelming for certain people including children or pregnant women. It is best avoided in case of such a situation. 

Where to Buy It?

The smaller bowls are better for beginners whereas the bigger set is suitable for more advanced users. At Illuminations, we have beautifully designed Tibetan bowls for people at all levels. You can check these products:

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