Pisces Crystals: Top 8 Gemstones for Pisces

It’s tough to define Pisces. They are the dreamy-eyed ones that dance between reality and the otherworldly. The last sign of the Zodiac (19th February - 20th March), Pisces signifies a change or the end of a cycle. This is why you find that the people of this Zodiac sign embrace self-reflection in their lives. They constantly evaluate what is good, take stock when what would like to do differently, so that they can flourish and transform. 

This wonderful creative and spiritual sign makes great friends as they have the ability to be able to emphasize with others. This is one of the reasons they make for great healers. However, if Pisces’ energy is not balanced and supported, they can withdraw into a world of fantasy and dreams with an inability to deal with real-world problems.


Top Crystals for Pisces

Here are the top crystals, Pisces, that can enhance your natural talents and help you work through your weaknesses. 



Dear Pisces, this purple stone supports your deep thinking and connection to the spiritual realm. No wonder it is your traditional birthstone. The natural gemstone can give protection from negative energies and is known to have healing vibrations that promote sobriety from addictions. 

We suggest you keep an Amethyst cave or our favorite purple pyramid by your bedside.  

Black Tourmaline

As an empath, the gorgeous black tourmaline protects you from taking on other’s emotional energy. It also acts as a shield and throws off any resentment that you may feel if you are giving too much of yourself. 


Have you seen our Black Tourmaline crystal healing tree? You can also keep a batch of our tumbled stones with you in your bag or in your workplace. 


Calcite can help you reconnect with your psychic abilities and higher consciousness. This crystal can boost your self-confidence and clear self-doubt, making it a wonderful natural stone that aids in emotional healing. 


Our vegan handmade calcite, eucalyptus, and calendula flower crystal soap is a luxurious indulgence you deserve!

Rose Quartz

This love stone increases selflessness as you strive to help others. Along the way, while helping others, rose quartz also helps quicken inner transformation.


Our twin heart rose quartz and rose quartz double heart are a must-have!  


Aquamarine is the magic gemstone that can help you enhance your creativity, and ability to manifest dreams and adventure!


Blue Lace Agate

An emotionally stabilizing and calming gemstone, the blue lace agate crystal is a communication booster. It helps you balance your energies so that you are able to hear your inner voice and share your truth with others. 


Fall in love with our blue lace agate bracelet today!


Moonstone, the white gemstone that stands for purity and spiritual development, is a natural choice for you, Pisces, as it helps connect you to your intuition. 

Adorn yourself with our gorgeous moonstone in a silver pendant or our handmade Angelic Mala



Another stone that can empower you is the beautiful turquoise. This crystal will protect you when you stand up for others and what you believe in. 


This turquoise bracelet is a sure shot compliment-attractor! 

While this is a list of crystals that we recommend, remember that if you feel attracted or drawn to a certain gemstone, go ahead with it. After all, dear Pisces, you are one of the most intuitive signs!

Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only and should not be used as medical advice.

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