How to Use Healing Crystal Trees (Feng Shui Crystal Trees)?

Have you looked at the tiny sparkling crystal trees and wondered how to use them in the best possible way? Well, we are here to help you out on how to use these gorgeous healing gem trees and how to choose the best one for a specific purpose. 

Healing crystal trees, also known as Feng Shui crystal trees, are usually used in traditional Feng Shui applications to increase the flow of energy to attract love, money, or better health, and so on. The healing tree symbolizes the clearance of blocks to help ease the flow of energy in spaces such a particular room, home, office, garden, or building. 


How to Use Healing Crystal Trees (Feng Shui Crystal Trees)?

There are several types of healing crystal trees available such as specific crystals like a jade tree or a citrine tree or a mix of crystals such as the seven-chakra healing tree. While you can buy a healing tree for a specific purpose such as to harmonize relationships, you can also buy it because you are drawn to it. Sometimes, we may know intuitively why we need a certain healing product in our spaces or around us. 


Tips on how to use a healing tree 

  1. Step into a meditative space within yourself and ask yourself what is it that you exactly need in your life. Perhaps, your relationships are not smooth or maybe you need a boost in your career. 
  2. Think about how you would like it to be. You can even journal this. Complete the sentence: I want more _____ in my life because that would make me feel _____. 
  3. Once you are clear about your goals, find the tree that is best suited for you based on our pointers below. 
  4. Place the tree in a non-cluttered space and give it appreciation. 

Healing Trees and their Crystal Associations


You can also check with a Feng Shui consultant on what is the best area in your home to place the healing tree. Get in touch with us if you are interested in Feng Shui or want a free consultation.

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