How to Stop Self-Hate: 10 Tips to Love Yourself

Have there been moments where you did something against your will and then later realized it wasn’t in your best interest? Or times when you have indulged in negative self-talk and invalidated your feelings? We’ve all been there haven’t we, struggling to love ourselves when we needed to the most. 

Self-hate is most often a lack of love from others as well as self, which can be very damaging. So, how can we start taking charge of our happiness, our expectations, and our sense of love?

These 10 Tips to Love Yourself will surely make you believe in yourself again -

1. Observe Yourself and Accept Your Feelings - There’s no person on earth who has been happy all the time. Therefore don’t get discouraged and disheartened, but know that what you are feeling is absolutely ‘okay’ and real. 
2. Be Your Best Friend - This is so important as we tend to base our happiness on others, depend on everyone else but ourselves for opinions, validation, and love. Learn to rely on yourself, sit with your thoughts, treat yourself as friendly as you would to the world because you gotta nourish to flourish. 
3. List down what you wish - To change about yourself and what you admire about yourself. Journaling this down will give you instant clarity and a deeper understanding of yourself.  
4. Maintain a Gratitude Journal -  Gratitude brings our mind to notice that which we usually ignore, the good in every bad situation. Our minds can get unrealistically negative, starting by keeping a note of the everyday things you are grateful for, it could be anything as simple as the fact that you are alive and breathing. 
5. List Your Affirmations and recite once every few hours - This brings me to my next tip, which is to read your affirmations out loud. It could be, ‘I am loved and protected.’, ‘I am kind to myself.’, ‘I am becoming the best version of myself.’, etc.
6. Put it on your vision board - Vision Boards work as excellent tools to help you achieve your goals big or small. If you want to attract love in your life then start by putting up some inspirational quotes, self-love images and create a vision for your authentic true self. To create your own vision board click here.
7. Be around like-minded people and Call it quits - Communicate and if need be, end all your toxic relationships for good. It’s probably the most important reason for self-hate. Rather make wise choices and spend time with people who bring out the best in you. 
8. Focus on Actions and don’t believe everything you think or feel - Our thoughts can be deceiving. Studies say we think around 50,000 thoughts in a day out of which 70% are negative, thus becoming action-oriented is the best way to come out of the room of doom and embrace yourself fully as mentioned below.
9. Exercise or Other activities - Spend a few minutes in the day on yourself by indulging in a relaxing activity, either exercising, doing yoga & breathwork, meditating with crystals, etc. 
10. Get the Right Guidance - Last but not least, finding the right person to talk to can be pivotal in overcoming any negative beliefs, and emotional wounds, that need healing. Speaking out for yourself is equally important as accepting that parts of you need healing. Seek support at illuminations to live a happier, healthier, and more productive life.

Bonus: Patience is key. So trust in yourself more than ever to get in the zone of self-acceptance, self-cultivation, and self-love. Stop Being a Worrier, and Start Being a Warrior. YOU GOT THIS! 😇

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