How to Make A Crystal Grid?

Have you seen people meditating with a crystal grid and always wanted to do it? Well, we are as fascinated with a beautiful and magical grid formation of crystals as you are! And it is not difficult to make one yourself. 

We have the lowdown on what is a crystal grid, the best crystals to use for it, and how to use it. So, let’s get straight to it. 


What is a Crystal Grid? 

You can make a crystal grid by arranging crystals in a symmetrical and beautiful design that enhances their energy. Traditionally, the grid is made using the principle of sacred geometry, but you can also use your intuitive powers to make a grid of your choice.  There is usually a larger crystal in the middle surrounded by smaller gemstones. 

A crystal grid can be used to deepen your meditative practice or to fulfill an intention you seek. Here are some of our suggestions for crystals for specific intentions for your grid. 

  • Love: You can use amethyst, rose quartz, or garnet. Try this beautiful Polished Amethyst Rock Tip to step up the romance in your life! 
  • Finance and money: Jade, pyrite, and green aventurine make for the best abundance attractors. Take a look at our Jade Tumbled Stones for your money manifestor!
  • Protection: Some of the best energy shields are black tourmaline, smokey quartz, obsidian, and selenite. Our Selenite Wand and Smokey Quartz Tower are the best crystals for protection. 

How to Make A Crystal Grid? 

Here is the step-by-step process to make a crystal grid:

  1. Cleansing: Cleanse yourself and the space before making the grid. You can chant, light a candle, use palo santo or sage for smudging to remove any negative energies that may be there. 
  2. Charge Your Crystals: It is best to cleanse and charge your crystals before you begin using them for a specific intention. Click here to learn How to Care for Your Crystals: Recommended Tips for Crystal Healing!
  3. Intention: Settle into a meditative space, focus inward and set an intention for your crystal grid ritual or meditation. For instance, if you want to invite more abundance in your life, you can also write out an intention such as ‘I invite abundance in my life with my whole heart and let go of any negative thoughts and beliefs that block me from what I need to receive.’
  4. Placing the Crystals: You can find several grid templates online or you can go with your intuition. A crystal sphere, pyramid, or tower makes for the best centerpieces like this beautiful Green Aventurine Sphere for abundance or this majestic Rose Quartz Pyramid for love. 

Once your crystal grid is made, you can go ahead with the meditation or even place your written intention under the central crystal. 

What Can You Use A Crystal Grid For? 

Crystal grids are usually used with the intention to manifest a certain outcome. They can be used as part of a beautiful meditation practice, or to heal yourself or others, or even to energize the space. 

Experienced crystal healers use the shape of the crystal grid to amplify the outcomes of situations. For instance, if you are struggling with relationship issues where you are not able to lay boundaries, crystal practitioners will use a square grid. Circular grids are the most used to amplify and receive healing energy.

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