How-To Guide to Cleanse Your Aura using DIY Tips

Have you ever witnessed a person walk into the room and their energy is just so charismatic or maybe boisterous? Well, guess what, it’s their Aura aka Spiritual Energy Field talking to you even before they uttered a word. 

This energy field surrounds all living things and keeps changing based on one’s current state of mind-body emotions. In essence, everything is energy and so when you feel intense emotions you can negatively charge your Aura. So here is how you can Cleanse Your Aura easily and effectively. 

Simple DIY Tips to Cleanse Your ‘Aura’ -

1. Spray your way with Aura Sprays: 

Aura Sprays or Essential Oils - Whenever you feel low on energy, need an instant mood boost, or perhaps you were around too many people and feel drained, before or after meditations, or if you are starting a new job, etc., you can use aura sprays or essential oils. Aura Sprays are a crystal-infused healing mist and are excellent for fostering creativity, calmness, and healing energy within and around you. Likewise, essential oils are infused with essential flowers and herbs like lavender, lemon, cypress, rose, etc. to invite a soothing and relaxing sensation. Start incorporating these into your daily self-care regime and find yourself feeling refreshed, recharged, and revitalized all day every day. 

2. Work with Crystals:

Crystals have some essential minerals as they are extracted from deep within the earth for years and have the earth’s powerful energy stored in them. Sitting in meditation with crystals, using it for setting intentions, carrying it in your back pocket are various ways in which you can cleanse your aura. Here’s how you can create your own crystal grid

3. Light up Dried Sage and Incense Sticks:

Dried Sage is made from dried plant leaves with healing properties often used to smudge aka cleanse the environment and one’s aura at any given time. Similarly, incense sticks made from patchouli, frankincense, sandalwood, and much more act as air purifiers and not only repel insects but also cleanse you off any negative energy that your aura might be infected with. Simply, burn a sage or stick daily and run it through the spaces of your homes to create a vibrant and fragrant atmosphere. 

4. Immerse in Sound Healing using Tibetan Singing Bowls:

Sound is medicine and anyone who has found solace in music will tell you just that. But in ancient times among Buddhist traditions sounds of various frequencies were generated using Tibetan Singing Bowls to heal you on a deeply cellular level leaving you refreshed, and your chakras aligned. You can avail of sound healing sessions to witness this magic healing first hand or do it at home too. Here’s how you can do it at home

5. Bathe in Bath Salts:

Bathing in general is a cleansing ritual that instantly makes us feel active and recharged. Himalayan Bath Salts is an effective remedy for destressing after a stressful day, getting rid of unwanted energies, soothing pain, and also curing insomnia in some cases. Simply put 1-2 spoonful into your water bucket and let it mix well. Now, bathe with it and feel the after-effects instantaneously. 

6. Step into Nature: 

Natural heals and how. A simple walk, or an early morning jog, brushing past the winds, or dancing in the rains, it all feels so therapeutic. Our Aura’s being our energetic field are positively charged when we spend quality time in mother nature. So step out often with the necessary precautions, and let it work its magic on you. 

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