Healing Crystal Shapes: Here’s What They Mean & How to Use Them

Tumbled stones. Spheres. Towers. Pyramids. Geodes. Nope…we are not talking about ancient monuments or old European castles. We are talking about the shapes of healing crystals. You may have browsed online or seen beautiful shapes of crystals in stores and wondered what they are about. Well, we are here to help you out! 

Different Shapes of Crystals & What They Mean

Choosing the right shape of a crystal can make a difference when you set an intention or while doing a crystal grid meditation. Our crystal healer experts say that while people usually look at the color and type of crystals, the shape and size of these high-vibration gemstones matter too! So, let’s look at the most popular crystal shapes and how to use them. 


Tumbled Stones

These pretty candy-sized, perfectly stone-shaped crystals are the most common ones that people buy. Tumbled stone crystals are practical to use and can be carried with you everywhere you go. 

How to Use Them: You can put tumbled stones in your manifestation crystal altar or carry them with you in your handbag. For instance, if you are focused on inviting the energy of money into your life, carry our green aventurine or jade tumbled stones with you everywhere you go. 


Heart-Shaped Crystals

As the name suggests, these are crystals that are polished into a pretty shape of a heart. It is best used to open the central chakra – the heart chakra, also known as the anahata. This energy center in our body, located in our heart region, symbolizes romance, Universal Love, oneness, and spiritual understanding. 

How to Use Them: If you want to improve the relationships in your life or embrace romance, our Rose Quartz Double Heart crystal or Twin heart Rose Quartz is the one to get! Keep it next to your bedside so that you can see it first thing in the morning or make it a part of your chakra cleansing meditation. It is also a wonderful crystal to keep next to you while practicing a self-love meditation or writing out your self-love journal. 


Crystal Pyramids & Towers

If you have been looking for crystals to amplify the energy of your Crystal Grid Meditation, then crystal pyramids and towers are the ones to go to. The pointed edges of these crystal structures help to focus all the energy upward into the Universe and radiate in all areas. 

How to Use Them: These wonderful natural high-vibration stones can raise the energy levels of any meditation space, sacred altar, your Yoga studio, or at various corners of your home. Our most binged-on crystal points are our Clear Quartz Triple Tower, Smokey Quartz Tower, and Amethyst Pyramid


Crystal Sphere

Did you know that crystal spheres radiate high-vibration energy smoothly all around the spaces they are kept? These beautiful moon-shaped crystals are connected to the Earth and the Moon energies and make for a beautiful addition to a grounding self-reflective practice. 

How to Use Them: They make a delightful central piece to a Crystal Grid meditation. Crystal spheres can also make Moon Meditation Intention-Setting that much more meaningful. You got to lay your hands on our Lapiz Lazuli Sphere and our gorgeous Tiger’s Eye Sphere



Clusters are gemstones that look like they are in their most natural form. They sparkle and give out beautiful energy. 

How to Use Them: Clusters such as citrine and amethyst can be kept on the mantelpiece at home or as part of a meditation altar. You can also keep it in your office to keep the positive energies flowing. 


Pendulum Crystals

The Pendulum helps you to connect and open the energetic chakras in your body for a free flow of energy. This, in turn, can help reduce mental and physical stress and enhance your creativity as well as intuitive powers. 

How to Use Them: Pendulums like this beautiful Seven Chakra Pendulum are specifically used to diagnose and balance energetic chakras. If you want to know more about chakra balancing, get in touch with us for a free consultation with our experienced therapists and holistic healers.


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