Give the Gift of Wellness: 5 Best Gifting Options to give your loved ones

Who doesn’t love gifts right? But, you know what’s the difficult part about giving gifts, it’s actually finding the right one for the occasion. But, don’t fret because we at illuminations have just the perfect wellness essentials that will help one prioritize their wellbeing to lead a blissful life of abundance and self love.

Giving gifts is an expression of love and care, more so it fosters meaningful relationships and creates room for reciprocation. However, in no way one should be obligated to give and receive gifts, that’s a personal choice and we don’t advocate that. After all, it's the thought that counts!

It’s certain that everyone craves good vibes and a cheeky lil pamper from time to time but we either lack the time, energy, or resources that enable us to put ourselves first. If you wish to uplift and lighten up the mood of your parents, siblings, friends, partner, or simply yourself then the below ideas will do the magic for you. 

Give the Gift of Wellness to your loved ones by shopping from our 5 Best Gifting Options:

These wellness essentials are best suited to grace every occasion and bring smiles to any and every one from curious kids to older adults.

  1. Vision Board Kit - Vision Board is a powerful manifestation tool that uses a combination of pictures, motivational words, and hobbies. This kit for adults will prepare you to attract all that you desire and dream of in a very natural, and non-invasive way by simply creating a board for it. And it does work!
  2. Frank & Sense Gift Box - Frankincense is made from the resin of the Boswellia Trees and has a woody spicy smell that has healing properties. Used in traditional medicine to cure ailments and exudes health benefits from improved arthritis and better digestion, to reduced asthma and better oral hygiene. Studies say it might have anti-cancer properties that help fight certain types of cancers effectively.
  3. Gemstone Water Bottles - These unique gemstone water bottles are surely changing the way we drink water one sip at a time. The gemstones such as Garnet Crystal, Fluorite, Rose Quartz etc. boost energy levels, alleviates physical ailments, increases strength, willpower, and confidence by balancing one’s Chakras and cleansing any unwanted energies.
  4. Healing Tree - These beautiful tree stands with powerful stones on it represent vital aspects of one’s well being and can instantly beautify any spaces and corners of a room. For instance - the Lapis Lazuli stimulates creativity and self-awareness, Green Aventurine attracts love and luck etc. 
  5. Crystals - Crystals are known to absorb negative energies and reflect energies of love, vitality, balance, harmony, abundance, positive vibrations. Often used as good luck charms, worn as bracelets, used in healing rituals and cleansing space nonetheless. The benefits are unreal, you have to hold it to feel it! Some crystals that you must have to get started are Clear Quartz, Citrine, and Amethyst.

Which option did you love most? Comment below and share your No. 1 selfcare tip which has benefited you the most. We would love to hear from you. #LiveLight

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