Rituals are a vital aspect of becoming more Mindful. Be it Space Clearing, Meditating, or even Bathing. Bathing is one such ritual that gives instant relaxation. Curate a rejuvenating Bath Ritual & give yourself the Glow-up you deserve. Are you ready to relax?

Our human body constitutes the 5 elements - Air, Water, Fire, Ether, & Earth. Staying in tune with these elements in your everyday life will ensure complete wellbeing. Our DIY Bath Ritual follows a combination of these 5 elements that will give your ultimate relaxation. 

Here’s our DIY Self-Care Bath Ritual for Ultimate Relaxation:

  1. Bath Salts & Organic Soaps - Bath Salts are a natural detoxifier, highly cleansing in nature thus leaving you with a healthy-looking radiant skin. It contains essential minerals and elements that act as healing remedies for the body as they aid muscle tensions and calm the nerves. Add a handful of bath salt to a tub of warm water and soak yourself for half an hour. Similarly, Organic Soaps made from calendula, charcoal, tea tree, etc. act as a therapeutic stimulant for re-aligning your energy systems. 
  2. Crystals for positive energy - You can position crystals and healing trees around your bathing spot so your body absorbs the positive energies from the crystals. They help balance, harmonize, and recharge one’s energies/moods instantly. Crystals like AmethystCitrine, Rose Quartz, Aventurine are great energy amplifiers.
  3. Calming Music - Music is often claimed as a doorway to heaven. Create your exclusive playlist and enjoy it while you bathe. Listening to calming music and chants has proven to deeply stabilize and benefit our nervous system as it activates the hormone known as ‘Dopamine’.
  4. Essential Oils - Rubbing essential oils such as chamomile, lavender, etc. on the back of our ears & wrists can instantly relax our nerves and send positive vibrations to our mind. You must put a few drops in the bathing water to let it work its magic on you, or in a lamp with a carrier oil as they tend to have healing properties that cures headaches, reduces anxiety, and eases muscle pains. 
  5. Palo Santo/Incense Sticks - Purify your surroundings as you wash away all the worries and tensions of the day. Palo Santo Sticks, or Incense Sticks are a traditional form of cleansing spaces to invite a fresh set of energies and positivity. The fresh and earthy scents will revive your senses and create a soothing atmosphere. 

Bonus: You can add Fresh Flower petals to the water and also place a Salt Lamp to truly unwind and enjoy an immersive experience. 

Have you curated your bathing ritual before? Let us know in the comments if you’ve followed these DIY tips and how they helped. 

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