Carry These 5 Self-Care Essentials On The Go

Today’s hustle culture leaves barely any room for self-care, but as long as you’ve got enough room in your everyday backpack then your wellbeing should be in check. 

Here are 5 Self-Care Essentials that you can carry on the go -

1. CRYSTAL & GEMSTONE WATER BOTTLE - Change the way you drink your water, by storing it in your crystal and gemstone water bottles. These bottles are designed and infused with different crystals that serve a specific purpose. For instance, Rose Quartz for love, harmony, and connection, Garnet for passion, willpower, and strength, Amazonite helps curb anxiety and creates hormonal balance. These wellness bottles charge your system at a cellular level, streamlines positive energy, and balances your chakras - the 7 energy centers in your body with the potent healing properties of this crystal-infused water. 


2. BALANCE CARD - These cards are exactly what they mean. We are often surrounded by gadgets, be it mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Balance cards neutralize the harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted from these electronics and the patented HQR technology of My Balance Cards creates a strong harmonic field around you. This protects against mobile phone radiation, wifi radiation, and other non-natural negative radiations. Experience an improved sleep and better concentration,  feel less stressed, and become more energetic throughout the day as you get to easily carry these in your back pocket on the go.


3. BALMS & AURA SPRAY - The 7 Chakra Balms packed in portable boxes heal, rejuvenate, and align your internal energy systems effectively. These balms are an ideal choice to bring stability and harmony, foster clarity and creativity, as well as invite self-love, and abundance into your life. There’s a specific balm for every Chakra which needs to be applied at those energy points to activate it and witness its healing abilities. Aura Sprays are another way of cleansing the energy around you, and surrounding yourself with good vibrations. Wherever you feel dull, gloomy, lack self-love, or feel intense, then spray a few pumps of these in the air to instantly cleanse your Aura (the energetic field of your body), calm your nervous system, and of course smell the fragrant air of bliss.

4. RUDRAKSHA MALA - Rudraksha beads are also called ‘Blueberry Beads’ because these beads have an outer blue fruit covering that resembles a blueberry. These are prayer beads that can be worn as a ‘Mala’ aka necklace or bracelet and have powerful electromagnetic properties in controlling stress, and blood pressure, improving blood flow and circulation. It helps in opening up the blood vessels better than magnets. It is often worn by spiritual seekers, as it acts like a protective guard that may safeguard its wearer from negative energies, help balances chakras, and in some cases might also activate the ‘Kundalini’ - an energy center located at the base of the spine. Suitable for one and all, Rudraksha can be worn by all men, women & children on a regular basis, irrespective of sex, age, culture, ethnic, geographical, and religious background.


5. CRYSTALS - Earth’s finest jewels - Crystals are power-packed with healing energies as they are under the earth’s surface for thousands of years, and so they have accumulated vibrations depending on the shape and size. These vibrations help align with our internal energy systems, known as chakras, and can help us find more balance. Chakra means ‘wheel’ and when someone’s balance is good, the wheel is spinning. Imagine when there’s a blockage and the wheel gets stuck, you have to work on your energy to ease the blockage, likewise, different crystals are meant to address different blockages that could be love, health, vitality, creativity, wealth, and much more. Carry crystals like clear quartz, selenite, amethyst, jade stones and/or wear them in the form of bracelets, and neckpieces to absorb their energies at all times.

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