Aura Cleansing Spray- A Simple Way to Purify and Cleanse Your Energy

As humans, we experience variable emotions and it is believed that our aura contributes to how our emotional well being.

Our aura depicts the frequency we vibrate upon. It surrounds us mentally and physically and merges with the auras around us
Just like our room, our aura can get cluttered and disordered. People pick energy off each other. We bump into the aura’s of people we encounter, and pick up vibrations off each other.

When our energy vibrations are low, we feel low. Cleansing our aura is like de-cluttering and organizing our room. The negative, low vibrating energy from our aura gets cleansed and is replaced by a high frequency , radiating energy. Spiritual cleansing spray clears out the negative energy from your spaces like the office, studio or home.

When to Cleanse Your Aura?

Do you ever feel stressed, drained or in search of a new start? Or perhaps you have come across people with low energy? Or just continuously in contact with a lot of people. Maybe you are having a creative block? In times like these, the aura cleansing spray comes to the rescue!

Other times you can use the aura cleansing spray includes:

  • Starting a new job
  • Before or after Interacting with people
  • Start or end of the meditation
  • When you are sick or injured
  • After you come home from a trip

Other than that, you can use the aura cleansing spray anytime you feel ‘Low’ but also when you want to increase the protection of your aura.

You can use it before leaving for work, cleanse the room you walk into or in between your clients.

How To Use An Aura Cleansing Spray?

Always remember, Intentions are the key to a clean, positive and energetic aura. 

  • Before you use it, set your intention, pick a word or affirmation to say while spraying it
  • You can start by setting your intentions clear and specific
  • Focus on things that you can control
  • Select words that calm you down or pick uplifting affirmations
  • Focus on your desired outcome and truly believe it while saying it
  • However, you proceed, make sure to take a moment, pause and take a few big deep breathes and carry on with your intentions

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