Amazing Ways to Quickly Heal through your 5 Senses

Do you ever wonder what we would be like if our senses weren’t at play? Our five senses act as crucial mediums to perceive the world the way it is. Each sense is powerful and has the ability to heal one’s mind-body-soul in effective and lasting ways, want to know how? Let’s find out.

The five senses that are sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing are unique in their nature of working yet connected in ways beyond our understanding. They facilitate our survival instincts offering an immersive experience of life in all its misery and glory.

To quote, Leonardo Da Vinci, ‘The five senses are the ministers of the soul’, which goes to say that our consciousness and intuitive abilities can be accessed through our senses if only one wishes to tune within. 

Each sense is powerful and has the ability to heal one’s mind-body-soul in effective and lasting ways, want to know how? Let’s find out.


Here’s some amazing ways to quickly heal through the 5 senses:

1. Sight

What we see is what we perceive! The power of sight makes us aware and wiser. Tarot Cards are messengers of the universe that can be interpreted and used as direction for the future. They offer wonderful insights and guidance to manifest, attract, and transform the way one lives. Illuminations conducts regular workshops and training on Tarot Card Readings, click here to know more.

2. Smell

How we smell is how we feel! The power of good smell puts us in a blissful state of inner peace and happiness. Invest in therapeutic incense sticks that instantly make one feel refreshed, grounded, and calm. If you feel anxious, and worried then you must light a stick and let it fill the air around you with earthy fragrance. It is also beneficial to set intentions and pray for whatever you desire while the incense is burning. 

3. Touch

The way we touch is how we trust! The power of right touch let’s feel protected, comforted, and passionate. Epsom bath salts, Chakra balms, and Crystal soaps are must haves on tiring and stressful days, when you want to completely relax, rejuvenate, and cleanse any low lying energies to enjoy a deep sleep and restore lost strength. 


4. Sound

What we hear sets apart our fear! The power of sound (music) heals us and calms us. Sound vibrations generated from the Tibetan Bowls have been used since ancient times to nourish individuals as the sound’s frequency helps one align with their inner consciousness. This form of healing is very powerful in raising mental clarity, awareness, and positive energy levels.


5. Taste

Our taste controls our fate! As they say you are what you eat, the power of taste teaches us to live life in moderation. The variety of junk food has caused more physical ailments and in some cases psychological addictions unlike never before. In Ayurveda, a form of Indian medicine that has existed for more than 5000+ years, there are some potent herbs that have healing properties such as turmeric, licorice root, ashwagandha, cumin etc. which used in food or drinks can cure chronic ailments. Ayurvedic practitioners are best suited to assist you in this case. 

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