8 Productive Habits to Boost Your Mood

Everyone wants to achieve a perpetual state of ‘Good Mood’ but given today’s lifestyle, it becomes harder and more complex to enjoy a good-mood guilt-free lifestyle for a longer period of time. When you think of it, the countless experiences we have on a daily basis is what affects our mood, such as diet, physical activity, sleeping pattern, season, social wellbeing, financial stability, stress, social media and news, and probably even the clothes you wear. 

While a part of our individual happiness is predetermined by genetics and circumstances, research shows that about 40% can be controlled through our everyday thoughts and actions. Fortunately, there are some proven productive habits that can not only boost your mood easily from feeling Bleh to Yay but also bring a positive shift in your productivity, happiness, and vitality.

Ways to Boost Your Mood - 

1. Listen to Uplifting Music: 

Music is proven to boost one’s mood when feeling tired, distressed, or lazy. Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls is another ancient healing modality that heals you on a cellular level giving you instant calm and mood boost as well as ultimate relaxation.

2. Prioritize Inner Peace:

This is everything. No matter what, striving for peace should be an ‘all time mood’. When you pick up productive habits such as Meditation, Visualization, Journaling and many more, you will soon witness a sense of peacefulness wash over you, and that will become your second nature. Focusing on this is important because when your mind-body-soul is in harmony your mood enhances naturally.

3. Spend Time on Physical Activity:

Nothing beats a good run in the morning breeze, a walk amidst nature, or sweating it out in the gym. It’s an investment which will pay off later in life, because health is wealth. Studies say and almost all of us must have experienced at some point that any form of physical activity gives an instant mood lift because psychologically it’s a medium of self-care.

4. Give Yourself Permission to Pause/Vent:

It’s okay to feel intense emotions and frequent mood fluctuations. Letting your emotions out can be a great stressbuster to feel lighter. Did you know some Chinese Workplaces have Rage Rooms where you can smash a bunch of items and let out your anger, frustration, or stress. While that's not the case everywhere, we suggest speaking to a friend, seeking professional help, or sometimes spending some alone time to feel your emotions and not suppress them.

5. Think What Went Well:

Reflect on 3 things that are going well, or positive moments in your day and replay them in your mind. What this will do is it will help uplift and bring back the good mood and emotions it initially created.

6. Consume Consciously: 

As they say Good Food is Good Mood, especially a clean diet, and mindful eating habit. Choosing healthy food over junk cravings might be challenging at first but nourishing in the longer run. When you start to consume consciously, your concentration levels increase, body feels light, sleep gets better, digestion is smoother, and mood definitely improves.

7. Share the Load: 

You don’t have to carry the burdens of life all by yourself, instead share it with people who care and advise you to get back on track. It could be your friends, family, therapist, coach, or perhaps the almighty. There is courage in sharing so don’t hold back, because you too could be a helping hand indeed.

8. Get Sufficient Sleep: 

No matter what, your sleep definitely determines your mood in the mornings. How you begin your day sets the tone for the rest of your day. Have you ever experienced insufficient sleep makes you dull, lazy, and lethargic? It kills the drive to be 100% productive, and your day goes by catching a nap here and then. It’s important you take time to rest well, a complete sleep is a cherished possession and those who get it are always happy, cheerful, and active. 

How do you uplift your mood on a gloomy day? Share your tips in the comments below. #LiveLight  

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