5 Self-Care Tips to Unwind and Recharge for Introverts

Do you enjoy being by yourself? Does being around people drain your energy? Are you naturally very self-aware, and have a very small group of people that you’re close to?

Then there’s a high chance you are an Introvert who loves their own company, are their very own best friend, and are often protective about who and how they spend their energy. 

There’s a common misconception that being an introvert means you are antisocial, shy, always lonely, and perhaps unfriendly. In fact, the term introversion was popularized by Carl Jung. It suggested an inwards orientation to one’s own mental life rather than the outward orientation of extroverts to social life. Introverts often gain energy from reflection and lose energy in social gatherings. While most people are neither purely introverted nor purely extroverted but display features of both—they are known as ambiverts. Almost all people though need occasional solitude to replenish their energy.

While introverts find solace in themselves, there are times when the external energies can be negatively affecting them or depleting them, everyone needs to unwind and recharge themselves after all. 

Let’s look at some Self-Care Tips that can definitely benefit Introverts -

1. Spend time with yourself - While this might sound exactly what an introvert would do in general, but spending quality time with yourself is what you need to focus on. Because being an introvert, one has the tendency to ruminate over negative thoughts, and feelings often. One way is to start your day off by listening to positive affirmations, reading a few pages from a cherished novel, meditating, or journaling your thoughts.

2. Learn to Say ‘Yes’ when you can - You might be tempted to be a homebody and second guess every plan to socialize but sometimes challenging yourself and saying Yes to a plan can be very refreshing and actually a lot of fun. If at all you think a particular plan might be draining, then try suggesting an alternative activity that you would feel more comfortable doing. Eg. Instead of going out to eat at a restaurant, you can order takeout and plan an at-home games night.

3. Set Boundaries - At all costs setting boundaries is a crucial recipe for self-care and almost everyone can benefit from this. It involves saying ‘No’ as much as it involves trusting your gut and being sure of yourself. Saying no to a plan but feeling guilty of missing out won’t really help either so set boundaries and say Yes when you can. 

4. Aromatherapy helps - Scents have proven to send calming signals to your brain and instantly help you relax. Whether it’s essential oils or aura sprays, or a scented candle, use your favorite scents to create an aromatic atmosphere and enjoy a good bedtime or bath time regime.

5. Find a new hobby - Adding variation to your everyday routine can be productive and exciting to do something new every day. Going for nature walks, indulging in a sport you always wanted to, challenging yourself to get out of your comfort zone and network with insightful people, all can be ways to recharge your introverted nature in a positive manner.  

Bonus: Just Be You - No matter what the world portrays an introvert as, it’s important to remember what feels on the inside reflects on the outside. Just be your authentic self and enjoy your own company.

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