5 Self-Care Products For Your Beauty Routine

Does your beauty routine include pampering your skin energetically too? It should! A beauty routine is not just about using a moisturizer, serum, and face masks. When you take care of your mind, body, and energy, you will find that you have an inner glow that makes you look youthful and radiant! 

Research shows that skincare techniques such as facial massages as well as facial yoga help boost oxytocin levels in our bodies. Oxytocin can help reduce stress levels, lessen wrinkle-causing free radicals in our body, and have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. It’s not just oxytocin – other happy hormones such as dopamine and serotonin are also released in the body when our positive emotions surge. And in turn, there is increased blood flow to the skin.


Top Self-Care Products For Your Beauty Routine 

Reiki, sound mediation, and crystal healing techniques are holistic healing ways to nurture your skin as well as your soul. Here is our list of 5 self-care products that should be part of your beauty routine.


1. Aura Spray

If you feel energetically drained or listless, you may be in need of an aura spray. According to ancient beliefs, our bodies are covered by an energy sheath known as aura. Our range of aura sprays has been made to release unwanted emotions, habits, fears, and attachments. Use this spray to gently ground and balance your energy.

In your shopping bag: Aura Spray - Let go + Aura Spray - Protection


2. Tibetan Singing Bowls 

What do Tibetan Singing Bowls have to do with a beauty routine? We say: a lot! Bathing in the peaceful vibrations of Tibetan bowls and Gong can also be a magical way to enhance your skin. Music has been used since time immemorial to heal the body. Try a Gong Bath meditation and allow the vibrations of the gongs to cleanse your energy from head to toes. Also called a ‘sound bath’, the high vibrations will not just keep you soul-enriched but skin-happy too. 

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3. Breathwork Meditations 

Another self-care healing alternative is cleansing breathwork meditations. These meditations focus on deep breathing techniques that help your body detoxify naturally. To consciously breathe deeply is the simplest and fastest way to clear, radiant skin.  

In your shopping bag: Meditation Pillow + Satya Meditation Incense Stick


4.Reiki Therapy

Reiki, for instance, is a self-healing method that can enhance the skin’s regenerative ability. And it’s catching on as a self-care trend - reiki energy healing is one of the latest in the skincare movement popularized by models Miranda Kerr and Amber Anderson, according to Elle magazine.

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5. Energizing Crystals

Many new-age facials offer healing with rose quartz crystals to generate feelings of love and acceptance of ourselves as well as others. Get a few rose quartz gemstones, couple it with the soothing sound of singing bowls, light a few candles – you have hit upon the best DIY self-care routine that could be great for your skin too! 

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