5 Best Self-Help Books For Your Overall Well-Being

Do you believe that you create your own reality? or Are you someone who often feels helpless and at the mercy of others' decisions? Well either way you are destined to benefit from these classic self-help books that have transformed lives of many over the years.

What is Self-help?

Self-help is an act of helping oneself without relying on others for help. The process of bettering oneself without the guidance or support from others. 

Today, you can become a master of your life by simply mastering yourself by simply choosing the right book. 

For years people have been documenting and writing down the advice and tips that helped them master themselves to live a life of complete wellbeing. Today, readers across the world have benefitted from this ocean of wisdom and changed their lives for the better. You too, hold the power and understanding to bring a positive change within, by simply choosing the right book(s). No matter which area of your life you wish to improve, you’ll find answers to it all. Let’s dive in - 

Shop from Illuminations’s 5 Best Self-help books which will help you in your well being journey:

  • Awareness: The Key to Living in Balance by Osho A spiritual guru who has awakened many talks about living life in the moment. Osho teaches how to live life more attentively, mindfully, and meditatively, with love, caring and consciousness. You will be bound to break free from your mental conditioning and pave a fulfilling path of awareness. A great book about self-introspection and raising awareness of life.
  • The Power is Within You by Louise Hay helps you reflect on your thoughts, inner voice, fears that could be evident in the life you live. She also talks about accepting change as a natural flow of life and creating an environment that is based on love and gratitude.  A simple yet enlightening read giving positive life hacks and meditation guides along the way. Excellent book for parents, mental health practitioners and people with some form of childhood trauma.
  • Many Lives Many Master by Dr. Brian Weiss is a classic read and a true case of Dr. Brian Weiss, his young client, and a past-life therapy that changed both their lives. It’s a fascinating story of disbeliefs to jaw dropping revelations of truths about reincarnations, and past-life. This led to the discovery of Past-life regression therapy through the techniques of which Dr. Weiss was able to cure his client and embark on a more meaningful phase in his career. Read this if you are interested in how our spirits, superconsciousness, and past-lives imprint the way we live today.
  • Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks is a work of philosophy which aims to draw a link between our thoughts and reality and how there is no such thing as ‘fate’. It gives an understanding of how your relationships, health issues, finances, career etc. are influenced by the universal law that shapes up your reality. Through the teachings of Abraham ( a nonphysical entity) and ‘22’ exercises for self-development, you will surely witness a shift in your perspective. Read this if you wish to attract the life you want to live and fulfil your deepest desires.
  • Sacred Revolution by Vanya Silverten is a transformation book empowering women to claim their sexual energy as a means to sacred life force. If you are on the journey to feel whole, powerful, and awaken a sense of deep love within then you must read this. It elaborates and suggests virtues, beauty secrets, movement exercises to channelize intimate energy, master love, strengthen your intuition, and become a force to reckon with.

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